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Are you a medical professional? USA, LLC

Doctor? Scientist?

We would be honored to have you submit your comments on this Ebola Outbreak Map website.

This website is run by volunteers; therefore any work or comments would be done on a volunteer basis.  However, this is an opportunity for our readers to get to know you, and learn from your professional experience as a doctor, or scientist.  Here you can share your personal website, Twitter, or Facebook  link with others that are interested in learning about Ebola.

Have you written a book?  Well, you can talk about that when you write as a guest blogger on our website.


Let’s hear from you medical professionals!


Tell us a little about yourself, your degrees and your qualifications as our readers would appreciate hearing from medical qualified people speaking on the topic of Ebola.



The following Medical Doctors articles found on our website are not written by us, we have asked qualified Doctors, and scientists to send us articles and information they want us to include on our website.

These opinions are not the opinions of this website, we are just reporting Ebola news and information from Doctors and qualified people that wish to have their articles appear on our website.


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