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Derek Chauvin



Authorities arrested Derek Chauvin  the officer who killed  George Floyd. USA, LLC

On Wednesday, they upgraded the murder charges against Derek and charged three other former officers who were at the scene with aiding and abetting.


We have an unconfirmed report that Derek Chauvin has tested positive for Coronavirus while in jail.


We understand that Derek is very sick, and may have already died from coronavirus we dont know.


We had a unconfirmed source email us today, and told us that Derek is infected with Coronavirus and is very sick.


We dont know how Derek may have become infected with coronavirus.


Derek Chauvin may have become infected with coronavirus while in jail or Derek may have caught coronavirus from Geroge Floyd as the autopsy report stated George Floyd was infected with Coronavirus at the time of his arrest.

click this to read George Floyd  autopsy report 


We will be waiting to hear again from this unknown source who sent us an email, claiming that Derek has been infected with coronavirus in jail.


This is a big development in the George Floyd case and we will keep everyone updated should we receive another email from this source.


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